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3.4.1 Repairs


If the advance is for repairs, the certificate is issued as a one-off authorisation with a term normally set as the remainder of the term of the current advance.  If further repairs are required at a later date, a fresh application should be completed and processed in the usual way.

An advance for repairs should generally be confined to those essential for the preservation of the property.  When processing an application for a widows'/widowers' advance in respect of repairs, details of the repairs required should be obtained from the widow/widower or her/his representative.  A technical inspection and report will not normally be requested.  However, any charges for Consultants' inspections incurred by the widow in preparing details of the proposal may be included in the total amount of the advance sought.

Before repairs are undertaken the widow/widower should be counselled on the desirability in her/his own interest of minimising continuing charges by making her/his own arrangements for the completion of repairs which are not of a structural nature, perhaps with the assistance of relatives, or friends.  She/he should also be advised of any assistance which might be available from reputable and active charitable organisations, such as Apex, Lions, TPI Association etc., in relation to repairs which will not be covered by the widow/widower advance.