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2.2 General Principles


The extension of portability following amendments to the Defence Service Homes Act 1918 in January 1991 has meant that most loan accounts are now portable (exceptions being where the loan has already run for 25 years or where the current holder of the loan is an ineligible person).

The general principle for the allocation of file numbers is that the file number links together all dealings a client has with DSH.  The file number:

  • keeps a history of the use of the 25 year loan term and the $25,000 loan amount;
  • links a client's enquiry, loan and insurance dealings to provide an overall history of his/her dealings with DSH.

In order to keep a complete record of a qualifying person's association with DSH it is important that the client's file number should not change for the duration of his/her dealings with DSH except as provided for in these Orders.

NOTE:  All file numbers are to be allocated from the System for subsidy and/or insurance purposes.  No local allocation of numbers is permitted.

The file number is a unique identifier for each DSH client whether the loan (or in the case of a client who holds contents insurance only, the policy) is held by a client who is an eligible person, another person to whom a loan has been transferred, or even a 'contents insurance only' customer.  In some rare instances one client may acquire two numbers.  Such situations would be where a widow/widower who is also an Australian soldier pools her/his two entitlements [two initial advances - once only opportunity, followed by further advances for the respective loan amount balances and terms].  In such cases, separate numbers are necessary to follow the history of the two separate loans.

To keep track of multiple transactions by the same client in relation to the one loan, each application from each client is allocated an application number.  The first character of the application number will be the State Identifier, followed by a 3 digit sequence number within the range 001-999.  This number will be allocated by the system and will assist in subsidy verification by identifying the current subsidised loan.