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Current Loan but no A-A Entitlement

Inel-02 Discharged prior to 7-12-72, no allotment for duty

Inel-03 Nat Service post'72, no allotment, short service, no medical

Inel-04 Reg service prior 17-8-77, less 3 yrs, no medical discharge

Inel-05 Reg service post 17-8-77, Not 6yrs+ no medical no Namibia

Inel-06 Enlisted post 14-5-85, no service in Namibia

Inel-07,8,9,10 & 14 WW2 (incl CMF) to Vietnam

Inel-12 National Service prior 7-12-72, no allotment for duty

Inel-13 Widow of inelig veteran – WW2 (incl CMF)

Inel-15 Part-time service only (Dec '72 to May '85)

Inel-16 Misconduct – Misbehaviour

Inel-17 Other British Commonwealth Forces

Inel-18 Officer Cadet not promoted (post '72)

Inel-19 Non-effective service (Dec'72 to May '85)

Inel 20 Medical discharge but enlisted less than 6 yrs

Owns another home

Revoked Client

S19 No Loan as at 9-12-87

S36 Loan held longer than 25 yrs, and discharge before 9-5-95

Widow Re-married