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Joint-Spouse last dec'd


Our records indicate that both Mr and Mrs {Surname} are now deceased.

In accordance with the provisions of the Act, it is our intention to cancel the subsidy payable in respect of the subsidised loan secured over the above property.  Formal notice of cancellation will be issued to you shortly to take effect from ****.  This period of time should be sufficient to make whatever financial arrangements may be necessary before subsidy is cancelled.

The Secretary of the Department of Veterans' Affairs has a discretion not to cancel subsidy in special circumstances.  As an example, it is not intended that subsidy should be cancelled where the deceased borrowers are survived by children who are minors, or who have a disability to the extent that they were dependent upon the last surviving parent for their housing needs immediately before his/her death.  If you believe that special circumstances exist in this/your case, please advise me in writing within 14 days.