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9.2.6 Review of Decision by the AAT


If the initial decision is affirmed, the affected person may apply to the AAT for a review of that decision.

When notifying the affected person of his/her right to a review by the AAT, the delegate is required to advise that the application must conform to the requirements of Section 29 of the AAT Act. ie

  • must be made in writing;
  • may be made using the application form available from the AAT State Registry;
  • must set out the reasons for the application; and
  • must be lodged with the AAT within 28 days of the applicant's receipt of written notice of the review decision.

An application to the AAT for review of a decision does not affect the operation of the decision or prevent the taking of action by DSH to implement it. (See section 41 of AAT Act - Chapter 8)

An affected person may request the decision maker to provide the reasons for the decision, if they have not already been given. Where such a request is made within a reasonable time of the decision, those reasons must be provided within 28 days of receipt of the request. (See Section 28 of AAT Act - Chapter 8)