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Internal review of reviewable decisions


Section 43 (1) The Secretary shall, as soon as practicable after making a reviewable decision, cause a notice in writing to be given to the person whose interests are affected by the decision containing:

(a)the terms of the decision;

(b)the reasons for the decision; and

(c)a statement setting out particulars of the person's right to have the decision reviewed under this Section.

Section 43 (2) A person whose interests are affected by a reviewable decision may apply in writing to the Secretary for a review of the decision.

Section 43 (3) An application for a review shall be made within 30 days after the day on which the decision first came to the notice of the applicant, or within such further period (if any) as the Secretary, either before or after the end of that period, allows.

Section 43 (4) Subject to subsection (5), the Secretary shall, on receiving an application, review the decision, or cause it to be reviewed by a person to whom the Secretary's power under this section is delegated, being a person other than the person who made, or was involved in the making of, the decision and occupying a position senior to that occupied by the last mentioned person.

Section 43 (5) Where a reviewable decision is made by the Secretary personally, the Secretary shall refer an application for review of the decision to the Minister and the Minister shall review the decision.

Section 43 (6) A person who reviews a reviewable decision may make a decision affirming, varying or revoking the reviewable decision and, where the person revokes the decision, may make such other decision as the person thinks appropriate.

Section 43 (7) A reference in this section to a person whose interests are affected by a reviewable decision is a reference to such a person other than the Bank.