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Defence Service Homes Act 1918


The relevant provisions of Section 4 (1) are:

"reviewable decision" means a decision of the Secretary:

(aa)under subsection 4BB(2) (revocation of surrender election);

(a)refusing to issue a notice of eligibility, a certificate of entitlement or a certificate of assignment;

(b)determining an amount under section 25;

(c)cancelling subsidy under section 26;

(d)giving the Bank a notice of the intended cancellation of subsidy under section 27;

(da)cancelling a subsidy under section 27A;

(e)requiring a person to pay an amount under section 29;

(f)determining a maximum term under section 36;

(g)refusing to extend the period for making an application for review under section 43; or

(h)giving, or refusing to give, an approval under section 45A;