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Bankruptcy of purchaser or borrower


Section 45A (1) Except with the approval of the Secretary, the estate or interest of a purchaser or borrower in any land, land and dwelling-house or right of residence in a retirement village that is the subject of a contract of sale, or of a mortgage or other security securing a Corporation advance or a subsidised advance:

(a)shall not be taken from the purchaser or borrower under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 ; and

(b)shall not be sold in satisfaction of a judgment debt, otherwise than by a credit provider or another mortgagee in the exercise of powers under a contract of sale, or a mortgage or other security.

Section 45A (2) Where 2 persons who are spouses or de facto partners of each other are joint purchasers or borrowers in relation to land, land and a dwelling-house or a right or residence in a retirement village, the Secretary may give an approval under subsection (1) in relation to the estate or interest of both of them if either of them becomes bankrupt or incurs a judgment debt.