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8.2.1 Certificate of Disclosure for Exchange of Information 202 in the  SSAA does not allow officers of Centrelink to disclose information to other departments and organisations, including DVA. To comply with the provisions of the SSA concerning disclosure of information to DVA, a certificate of disclosure has been issued under 208(1) (b) of SSAA. This certificate details the information Centrelink may provide to DVA for the purpose of:

  • calculating or determining a payment where a person and/or their partner is transferring to or from a social security payment, from or to a payment made by DVA
  • calculating or determining a payment where a DVA client's partner receives a Centrelink payment
  • enabling DVA to invite persons receiving social security payments to benefit from DVA payments which is more beneficial to the person receiving social security payments
  • determining a claim or undertaking a review under the VEA
  • checking discrepant cases detected by data-matching
  • detecting or preventing dual payments
  • facilitating adjustments under section 205AA VEA
  • assisting in an investigation or prosecution, or a possible investigation or prosecution under the VEA or the Crimes Act 1914
  • determining claims or undertaking reviews under the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988
  • assisting in the recovery of a debt. requests for information must be in writing. Information requested which is not specified in the certificate will not be provided.