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7.8.2 Full cash refund of the debt may initially be requested from the debtor in a lump sum. If a debtor has readily available funds greater than or equal to the debt + $3,000 (for singles) or greater than or equal to the debt + $5,000 (for couples), a lump sum payment should be requested if the debt is greater than $500 but equal to or less than $5,200. In some cases it may be practical and cost-effective to negotiate in the early stages of debt recovery, a repayment by portion recovery, if recovery can be effected within (say) 6 months. Debts greater than $5,200 are subject to agreement between the OMU/SPOC and the pensioner on the best method for recovering the debt. In requesting a lump sum, a delegate should have reasonable regard to the amount of pension payable to the debtor, the debtor's financial circumstances if hardship is claimed, and the debtor's readily available funds.