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7.11.8 Wages/salary payment notice advices debtor is advised in writing of the amount of reduction to his/her wages/salary. If there is no response to this advice within one week, payment notice recovery action is to proceed. covering letter is sent to the employer with the payment notice and a copy of section 205A VEA. The drafting of the notice is formal and should be addressed to the legal business/company name concerned and should not be addressed to the trading name or the Manager/Paymaster, e.g. Legal Name - Woolworths (Victoria) Pty Limited Trading Name - Big W Discount Stores. The covering letter may be addressed to the person who has been identified as being responsible, e.g. the paymaster or personnel officer. To locate a company's legal name, refer to the Australian Business Register website.    

More ? the payment notice and the covering letter may be obtained by accessing the departmental Y: Drive Income Support Review of Overpayment Letters Folder Y:\97 Templates\IS ROOLS Letter Templates (Non MetaFrame users), or Y:\Application (MetaFrame users). it is not practical to deliver the notice by hand, it should be sent by person-to-person registered mail, registered mail or Express Post (no signature on collection) to the office responsible for the administration of the debtor's wages/salary. confirmation is obtained from the employer that the debtor's employment is threatened by the notice, it should be withdrawn immediately. Alternatively, a payment notice may be served on the bank to which the wages/salary are paid. copy of the payment notice is sent to the debtor with a covering letter and a copy of section 205A VEA.

Australian Business Register website

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