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6.6.2,"On" rates "on" rate is the rate of pension to which the client was actually entitled. rates are assessed using the details of income and/or assets received during the period of the overpayment. investigation stage will have established what details are to be used in the calculation of the overpayment. These details together with the relevant effective dates are entered on to the What if screen on PIPS to gain the rate of pension that should have been paid at that date. When utilising the What if screen, always request a print out (screen dump) for every variation and place on file as a record for Quality Assurance Officers (QAOs), and for other examiners to peruse if required. Be aware that when using certain effective dates, What If PIPS may not provide the correct “on” rates and deemed interest amounts. These effective dates are contained within this manual's Section 6.9 Historical Dates. Check with the System Support Officer (SSO) or QAOs for details and assistance.

Note:See also this manual's Section 6.8 Example of a Summary of Income/Assets to be used in Assessing “Off” and “On” Rates.