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Table 10 Dual Payments

Barred dual payments

What to verify

What to Request

Who to Contact for Information

DVA service pension and social security pensions or benefits *


ISS and social security pensions or benefits

  1. Which department granted first?
  2. Date of grant for second pension. **
  3. What type of payment granted?
  4. Rate of payment.

Verification of date of second grant of pension.

Centrelink to either arrange a cancellation of their payment (if pensioner claimed for DVA pension after being in payment with Centrelink), or to arrange a cancellation of DVA pension if pensioner is transferring to Centrelink. ***

Service pension as a partner and war widow's / widower's pension (WWP)

  1. Date of grant of war widow's / widower's pension.
  2. Is the person eligible to receive SP in their own right?
  3. Is ISS payable?

Request pension file in which the qualification as a partner is under.

May need to establish service details for a person in order to determine if the person had qualifying service in their own right.

Notes on table 10

*Part payment of pensions can be received for cases paid under the DSS Working Rule B and AMS pensions if paid prior to 16 March 1973.

**Prior to the Social Security Act re-write of 1 July 1991, the bar was contained in the Repatriation Act 1920 and then the VEA only. This in effect meant that regardless of who paid the later pension, DVA had to recover the overpayment.

***War widows/widowers are excluded from receiving a social security pension or benefit due to multiple exclusion clauses contained within the SSA. A war widow/widower may however, be eligible for Youth Allowance or Austudy payments if not in receipt of income support supplement.

Prior to 20 September 2002, ISS was payable to eligible war widows/widowers at a maximum ceiling (frozen) rate of $124.90, unless the war widow/widower was in receipt of income support immediately prior to 1 November 1986 and had been in receipt of income support continuously since that date.

From 20 September 2002, the ceiling rate ISS/SP is to be indexed every March and September in line with percentage increases in the maximum rate service pension. For indexed rates post 20 September 2002 refer to the pension rates charts contained within the CLIK Reference Library.