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5.7 Sources of Information

5.7.1When requesting information it is vital that the sections of the Act which contain the authority to request that information, and which compel the person to comply with that request, are quoted.

5.7.2The tables in this manual's Section 5.8 Tables provide some suggestions for the type of information required and who to contact for that information in respect of a number of different income/assets overpayments. Please note these are suggestions only, and have been kept as general as possible. Please note that these tables do not imply that the examiner must request and verify all of the items listed under each table. In most cases, it would be unnecessary to request all of these items unless the specific overpayment required them. Each State may have more sources for gathering information than have been stated here. The Overpayment Management Unit Manager or Section Training Officer may have further information on who to contact, or where to go if experiencing difficulties with an investigation. No addresses have been provided as each State should have a list of commonly contacted paying authorities.