first step in commencing the investigation of a possible overpayment is to gain a sound knowledge of the facts of the case. Sometimes the overpayment information will be contained on more than one file (for example other parts of the pension file, or the medical file). In most instances this will require reading the whole file from back to front in order to establish the circumstances that led to the possible overpayment, and will assist in the preparation of the case summary. assessment history is not available on the system, investigation should only be undertaken with regard to those factors which have lead or contributed to the possible overpayment (unless further factors become evident during the overpayment investigation and calculation). It is unnecessary and time consuming to investigate all financial/marital/residential aspects of the case if these have no bearing on the overpayment. However, if assessment history is available on the system, the pension rate should be re-assessed based on what was actually the case at the time, as opposed to what we were led to believe was the case. VIEW may be used to obtain historical assessment information via the Pension Assessment Tab. The assessment details for a particular period may be determined by nominating the effective date from the Selection Parameters.