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5.2 Reasons for Disability Compensation Payment Overpayments

Last amended 
11 May 2022
  • receipt of compensation from another source (e.g. circumstances covered under section 30P VEA, & section 79 VEA)
  • administrative delay/error
  • failure to notify
  • dual payments
  • loss of eligibility, such as working in excess of allowable hours (e.g. Special Rate of Disability Compensation Payment recipient working full time).

Note:It should be noted that all of the above causes of Disability Compensation Payment overpayments may be caused as a result of fraudulent activity with the exception of administrative error or delay.

Note:For full details of the various types of overpayments and the legislative authority for raising overpayments (i.e. the relevant sections of the VEA), refer to this manual's Chapter 2 What is an Overpayment?. The methods by which a possible overpayment may be discovered are contained in this manual's Chapter 3 Detection.