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5.10.2 Cases requiring further investigation cases that are 'serious' in nature are to be investigated. These include:

  • dual and multiple entitlements, for example, a person who receives a special rate of pension and a payment under SRCA
  • any case where forged documents have been used to support claims
  • use of a false name
  • where there is no entitlement at grant (further investigation will establish whether the applicant acted in a fraudulent manner or there is cause for administrative error)
  • cases involving internal fraud (must be referred immediately to NFCU).

Note:This list is not all-inclusive. Cases may not fit neatly into the suggested categories. Judgement should be used in such cases. However, if after conducting the investigation and you are still in doubt, contact your local DPP contact officer. the amount allegedly defrauded may be an influencing factor in whether or not to investigate, it should not be determinative. Cases meeting any of the following criteria should be investigated:

  • where alleged offenders have previously been convicted of an offence under legislation administered by DVA
  • where alleged offenders have previously been issued with a 'warning' in respect of alleged or proven offences under legislation administered by DVA
  • where alleged offenders have incurred debts in excess of $10,000 arising under legislation administered by DVA but the circumstances do not meet any of the above criteria (cases less than $10,000 may also be investigated if circumstances and resources allow – DO NOT use $10,000 as an automatic bar to investigation)
  • any case involving serious misconduct in respect of which there is a need to send a message to the community that such conduct will not be condoned.