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2.7.6 Omission/failure to notify with income support payments, if pensioners have been notified of their obligations to advise the Department of changes in circumstances and do not fulfil that obligation, an overpayment may arise. In the context of the disability pension, this usually occurs when a dependent spouse or child(ren) cease to be dependent. other common situation that falls into this category is where allowances such as Attendant's Allowance (AA) and/or Recreation Transport Allowance (RTA) are in payment. example, a pensioner in receipt of AA fails to advise that he/she has been admitted to hospital. A recoverable overpayment exists for the period that the pensioner was an in-patient, unless he/she is paying a partial contribution towards the care.

Note:Where a veteran who is being cared for in a hospital or other institution contributes towards that care, entitlement to AA and RTA continues - refer Departmental Instructions B10/94 and B11/94.