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9.5 SRCA Payments

Section 115 of the SRCA provides for the recovery of amounts of pension that have been already paid under Parts [glossary:II and IV of the VEA for a compensable condition.  In cases involving payments under the SRCA, the deduction of the overpayment is an internal process, which does not involve any actual repayment by the veteran/member.  The amount released by the Military Compensation Delegate to the veteran/member is their total entitlement less any adjustment calculated by the VEA Delegate under the offsetting provisions of the VEA.  In cases where the lump sum amount has already been released it will be necessary for an overpayment to be raised and repayment terms negotiated.  Section 115 of the SRCA does not allow for the recovery of overpaid disability pension resulting from section 25A from compensation payable under SRCA.