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6.6 VVRS Offsetting in Addition to Offsetting Under Part IV

Policy advice on this matter is contained in a Departmental Instruction -C28/2004 Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme Guidelines issued on 20/09/2004.

This excerpt from the DI explains the offsetting procedure for veterans on the VVRS is -

“Compensation OffsettingA veteran's 'pension rate on commencement' – ie the full amount of a special or intermediate rate pension - is first subject to a reduction or limitation worked out under section 115D.  The remaining amount of pension is then subject to any compensation offsetting limitation that may apply as this is money that the veteran is actually receiving or deemed to be receiving.”

Section 115D deals with offsetting as a consequence of participation under the VVRS.  The remaining DP may then be offset if required for compensation received from another source.