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Disability Pension Claims



Who can lodge a claim?


A claim for disability pension may be lodged by:

  • a veteran, or
  • another person on behalf of, and with the approval of, the veteran, or
  • a person approved by Commission where the veteran is unable to approve a person to act on their behalf due to physical or mental incapacity.     More ?
Proof of identity

In order to identify a claimant a proof of identity check must be made on all new claims.    

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Requirements of a claim for disability pension

A claim for disability pension requires investigation of the claimant's medical condition and service record. The claimant is required to do the following:

  • complete an application form,
  • state, on the application form, the reasons why they think their condition is related to service, and
  • seek diagnosis of the condition being claimed from a GP or specialist.

The claimant may also be required to provide other evidence to support the claim on request such as:

  • employment history,
  • details of injuries or accidents,
  • other personal details relating to the claim.     More ?