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14.9 Payment for Services

There are three options for DVA to pay for services under the Acute Support Package (the Package):

1) payment directly to providers for services rendered;

2) direct payment to recipients to enable them to purchase services directly; and

3) reimbursement to recipients for services received.

The option chosen should take into account the recipient’s individual circumstances and be guided by the principle of flexibility in accessing support.  More than one option may be chosen in a plan, with the approved support plan to outline the agreed payment arrangement(s) for each service.

While acknowledging the principle of flexibility in accessing support, direct payment to providers will, in most circumstances, be the most appropriate option and should be considered first.  This alleviates the risk of inappropriate spending that could arise through direct payments to the recipient – particularly for supports which require significant amounts of funding – and involves less administrative burden on the recipient.

However, reimbursement or upfront payment to the recipient may be approved where considered more appropriate for the recipient to access the support they need as identified in their support plan – for example, due to a provider’s payment requirements or the specific nature of the service. In other words, the option chosen should not restrict a recipient’s timely access to support.