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14.8.5 What evidence is required?

The Package is designed to provide support to families without a significant administrative burden; however, some reasonable evidence of the need for services will be required.

See 14.5.1 Child Care, for information about proof of parenting status and shared care arrangements.

Proof of enrolment in child care is required, as is any eligibility for child care subsidy with Services Australia.

Families can use information and evidence they have ready to hand to help case managers understand what they need. For example, they may have a photo of a household maintenance requirement, or a report from their child’s school about the benefit of tutoring or another extra‑curricular activity.

It would be unusual for DVA to expect a family to go and seek evidence before support can be provided. For example, if a partner requested support with mental health counselling, asking the person to get a mental health diagnosis before providing support may not be appropriate.

There may be some circumstances where that is required, however, such as proof of shared care arrangements to provide services in relation to a child.