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14.8.10 Pausing supports

While a family may be eligible for an initial two years of support, they may have more than one support plan over this period.  For example, there may be times where they do not require support as they do not have an ongoing need for a service, in which case their support would be ‘paused’ and a new plan would be developed when they need support again. This is in recognition that some life circumstances that impact a family’s functioning can be short-term and cyclical, for example, mental health episodes. Pausing the support allows a family to ‘save’ their time for a later date and have a new support plan developed when the need for support next arises.

There is no limit to how many times a support plan may be paused and a new plan developed, as this will depend on individual circumstances and an assessment of need. However, while recipients may access up to two years of support in total under the Package, this support must be accessed over a period of no longer than 48 months, starting on the date the first support plan comes into effect.

For example, after six months of support a family may have returned to good functioning. The support plan is ended and services stop. Eight months later their circumstances change and they return to DVA for support. Their Package can re-commence and the same or different services can be provided, depending on what they need. They would have 18 months remaining on their Package.