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14.5.5 Wellbeing, Academic and Extracurricular Support for Children

Academic and extracurricular support for children under the Acute Support Package (the Package) is intended to assist with the costs of academic and other activities that will help the child maintain their academic progress, develop independence, and build confidence and social skills that may have been affected by their circumstances.

A child must be under the age of 18 years for funding under the Package to be spent on these supports.

Activities may include:

  • academic tuition through a private provider for a school subject
  • music, art, dance or drama lessons
  • sporting, club, or community activities

This list is not exhaustive.  Other activities may be approved depending on individual circumstances and family needs.  However, in all cases providers delivering services to children must meet relevant state and territory registration requirements – e.g. Working with Children Check.

The payment of school fees is not appropriate under the Package. Requests to fund alternative therapies should be referred to Family Policy Section for advice.

Please contact Family Policy Section on for advice on specific cases.