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14.5.4 Services to build capacity

Services to build capacity under the Acute Support Package (the Package) are intended to assist the family unit to build their independence, functioning and/or skills to achieve positive outcomes under their support plan. The services approved will take into account the individual circumstances of the recipient, based on a discussion between them and their case manager.

Examples of ‘capacity building activities’ include:

  • financial literacy course and financial management support,
  • personal organisation/planning activities,
  • personal, parenting, or relationship skills development,
  • resilience development, grief and loss support,
  • mental health first aid,
  • cooking lessons,
  • academic and wellbeing support for children, and
  • substance abuse and gambling counselling.

This list is not exhaustive and other services may be approved. Generally, a delegate may approve a capacity building activity under the Package if the delegate agrees that such an activity would benefit the individual’s or family unit’s capacity to manage independently. The person may have an indication of such a recommendation from a treating health professional or a school guidance counsellor.

The delegate may also consider whether any activities already undertaken have helped the person make progress towards better functioning, in determining whether to continue an activity.

Who can provide services to build capacity?

Capacity-building services requested by a recipient may be available through a range of providers. A service provider must:

  • possess an ABN
  • hold relevant insurances as required by industry
  • meet relevant state provisions for Working with Children if delivering services to or around children.