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14.2.1 Referrals to the Acute Support Package

Referrals to the Acute Support Package occur through direct referral to the Coordinated Client Support (CCS) Branch. Families identified as experiencing new and challenging life circumstances that are impacting the functioning of the family by other areas of DVA such as Open Arms or Veterans’ Children Education Scheme section should be referred through to CCS.

There is no requirement for an applicant to complete a claim form for the Acute Support Package. A person is assessed for eligibility based on a number of factors which will be discussed with the person.

To understand more about the eligibility criteria, see 14.3 Eligibility.

Where a veteran has passed away, the surviving spouse may be eligible for funded assistance under the Acute Support Package. Where the Service Coordination program is already aware of the veteran’s passing, the spouse may already be referred for case management with the program.

If Service Coordination is not already notified of the death and a claim for dependency has been lodged with the DVA, a referral will be completed by the Claims Benefits Division (CBD). The CBD Registrations team will assess claims to identify:

  1. MRCA death claims, or
  2. For VEA/DRCA death claims, is there a widowed partner aged 65 years or under

Where a claim aligns with the above criteria, the CBD Registrations team will provide a referral directly to the Service Coordination program.