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Disability Support Pension and the Education Schemes


A student can receive Education Schemes support including special assistance, additional tuition and guidance and counselling if they receive the Disability Support Pension (DSP) provided under the Social Security Act 1991.

However, a student cannot be paid a benefit, such as educational allowance, under the Education Schemes if they are receiving another income support or education payment from a Commonwealth agency other than DVA (see Section 2.11 of the VCES and MRCAET instruments). Students on DSP are excluded from the education allowance, rent assistance and fares allowance.

The instruments only exclude a student from receiving direct, regular payment (to the student or their nominated representative) while on another income support payment such as the DSP. Additional tuition, special assistance and guidance and counselling is not considered to be a benefit paid directly to a student as it is either a service DVA provides or is paid to a provider to fulfil the supplementary needs of the student.