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11.2.1 Overview of Disability Pension Instalments and Effective Dates


Last amended: 9 January 2012

Instalments and dates of effect for pensions and allowances

Disability pension is paid fortnightly in arrears. An instalment of pension is payable in respect of the number of days in each fourteen day pension period for which the person is eligible to receive payment. In contrast, some Veterans' Compensation allowances are paid with respect to a relevant period, or as a lump sum. New claims for disability pension and war widow's/widower's pension generally take effect three months before receipt of the claim at a DVA office. Increases in disability pension already in payment take effect from the day the application for increase is received at a DVA office.    

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Payment on death of disability pensioner



There is no entitlement to payment of disability pension (including War Widow/er's Pension) for the pension period in which the disability pensioner dies. The disability pensioner must be alive for the whole pension period to be eligible for payment on the following pension payday, that is, the pension payday which follows 2 days later. This is because that is the payday to which the pension period relates. Where the death occurs between the end of the pension period and the corresponding pension payday, there is entitlement to payment on that payday as the death has occurred in the following pension period.

Dates of effect of determinations resulting from reviews

Determinations in respect to grants, variations, suspensions or cancellations of pensions or allowances can be made at the Commission (section 31), VRB, and AAT levels of review. Dates of effect for these determinations depend on the circumstances of the case and the nature of the review.    

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Instalments and dates of effect for pensions and allowances

Section 11.2.2

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Dates of effect for determinations resulting from reviews

Section 11.2.3

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Disability pension, for the purposes of service pension and income support supplement, means:

  • a pension paid for incapacity from war caused conditions, or peacetime, peacekeeping or hazardous service caused conditions (other than a war widow's or orphan's pension); or
  • temporary incapacity allowance; or
  • any other payment in respect of incapacity or death resulting from war or war-like operations in which the Crown has been engaged [usually paid by another Commonwealth country].

A form of pension that is paid to the partner of a veteran where the veteran has died as a result of war service or eligible Defence ServiceWar widow's/widower's pension is also paid to the partner of a veteran whose death was not war caused if the veteran was a ex-prisoner of war or if the veteran was receiving Extreme Disablement Adjustment Rate, Special Rate (T&PI) or a rate increased in respect of certain war-caused injury or disease.


The Department of Veterans' Affairs.

According to Section 179 of the VEA, the Commission is a body corporate under the name of Repatriation Commission.



The Veterans' Review Board is an independent statutory authority that has the power to review decisions made by the Repatriation Commision for the disability pension, war widow's/widower's pension, orphan's pension and attendant allowance.



Administrative Appeals Tribunal.