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Exempt Lump Sum Determinations that will be made if necessary

The following lump Sum payments are not currently covered by an exempt lump sum determination.  However, if they are received by any DVA clients, DVA will arrange for such a determination to be made: 

  • ESS Super payments made to compensate Centrelink pensioners for the impact of an incorrect deductible amount reported to Centrelink by ESS Super,
  • Payments of taxi reform hardship lump sums of $62,400 being made by the Victorian Government,
  • Payments made to NSW taxi licence holders of $20,000 who held an eligible NSW taxi licence immediately before 1 July 2015 and who continue to hold that licence until the payment is made. Applications for this payment closed on 13 January 2017.
  • Compensation payments are being made by the Commonwealth to former residents of the Retta Dixon Home. A Lump Sum determination has been made under the Social Security Act 1991 at
  • Queensland Government Taxi Transitional Assistance Payments
  • Queensland Government Taxi Industry Hardship Assistance Payments
  • WA Taxi Transition Adjustment Payment
  • NSW Additional Assistance Hire Vehicle Payment
  • South Australian Taxi Industry Assistance Packages