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12.5.2 VVRS assistance for transport and accommodation

This topic relates to section 4.2 of the VVRS Instrument.

Note: This assistance is only available to the veteran.

Grant may be made in special circumstances

Accommodation assistance will generally only be available to veterans in rural and remote areas who need to travel to another population centre while undertaking vocational rehabilitation or for the purposes of assessments or meetings with Rehabilitation Service Providers associated with participation in the VVRS.

12.5.1 Other assistance available under Chapter 4 in the VVRS Instrument

This topic relates to section 4.1 of the VVRS Instrument.

Availability of other VVRS assistance

Veterans participating in an approved program may receive other assistance under this Scheme. Chapter 4 in the VVRS Instrument provides the rules for such other assistance and the criteria by which applications for assistance are assessed.

12.1.4 Information to be obtained by Secretary

This topic relates to section 1.4 of the VVRS Instrument.

Assessment of a veteran for participation in the VVRS

VVRS rehabilitation services are provided on the basis of assessed need and are subject to the likelihood of a veteran obtaining suitable and sustainable employment. Applicants are required by legislation to undergo an initial assessment before any assistance is provided under the Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS).

12.3.1 Participation in the VVRS by other veterans

This topic relates to section 3.1 of the VVRS Instrument.

Participation in the VVRS by veterans other than those referred to in Chapter 2 in the VVRS Instrument

Certain veterans - who are not in receipt of disability pension at the special or intermediate rate, or invalidity service pension - may participate in a Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS) rehabilitation program, whether they are in receipt of a pension or not.