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1.4.2 Protocols of rehabilitation under the MRCA

Rehabilitation screening

1. Where a person seeks a payment for impairment or incapacity for work a delegate will consider whether that person should undertake an assessment of capacity to undertake rehabilitation.

2. Where it is considered that such an assessment should be undertaken, a written determination must be made.

3. A person may request an assessment of their capacity for rehabilitation at any time.


The Rehabilitation Policy Guide (the Guide) has been developed foremost to assist the important work of DVA's Rehabilitation Coordinators around Australia, and the rehabilitation providers that deliver rehabilitation supports and services on our behalf. It is written and intended for use as a resource and guide for all aspects of rehabilitation process and practice in DVA.

1.1 What is rehabilitation?

DVA's rehabilitation approach

DVA's approach to rehabilitation is much broader than just treatment to promote physical recovery from an injury or illness related to service in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

DVA uses a whole of person approach to rehabilitation which can be best explained by the following definition of rehabilitation used by the Australian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine: