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Policy information

Last amended 
18 July 2017
Advisory notes relating to SOPs

02 of 2008  Newson – relating SOP factors to service – timing and other requirements

01 of 2008  Cessation of smoking and inflammatory bowel disease

01 of 2007  Malignant neoplasm of the prostate and animal fat

08 of 2004  Benjamin – diagnosis – role of SOPs

04 of 2003  Kattenberg – material contribution to SOP factor minimum requirements

02 of 2003  Stoddart – severe stressors and perception of threat

13 of 2000  Metastatic neoplasms – primary site unknown

07 of 1999  Inability to obtain appropriate clinical management

06 of 1999  Helicobacter pylori infection

Commission guidelines relating to SOPs

CM7014/MRCC 181  Guidelines for psychiatric compensation claims

CM5542 of 2005         Application of S120 of the VEA – following the Deledio Federal Court case

CM5030 of 1999         Smoking and alcohol related conditions and military service (VEA only)


Diagnostic protocols

For diagnostic protocols, go to the page for the SOP condition, in either the alphabetic or body system listings for SOPs and supporting information.



Link to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition

SOP Bulletins and other information on particular factors    


Bulletin 189    Apr 2016   New SOP factors for benzene

Ionising radiation 

170   Dec 2013    Depleted uranium

151   May 2011    Ionising radiation SOP factors

145   July 2010    British Nuclear Test Participants

106   July 2006    Atomic Radiation, including BCOF veterans

42     Nov 2002    Atomic Radiation, including BCOF veterans

ARPANSA report  2002  On atomic radiation in BCOF veterans



Streamlining provisions for certain SOP conditions



Salt intake and addiction - Kenardy report 1998