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During 1966

Apr 66

22Sydney departed Sydney on 3rd voyage.


May 66

4Sydney arrived at Vung Tau.

17 MV Boonaroo left Sydney on 1st Vietnam voyage.

18Sydney returned to Sydney.

25Sydney departed Sydney on 4th voyage.


Jun 66

6Boonaroo arrived in Vietnam.

6Sydney arrived at Vung Tau.

17MV Jeparit left Sydney for Vung Tau on 1st Vietnam voyage.


Jul 66

Sydney returned to Sydney. Jeparit arrived at Vung Tau. Boonaroo returned to Sydney.


Aug 66

22Jeparit departed Sydney on 2nd voyage.


Sep 66

15Jeparit arrived at Vung Tau.


Oct 66

16Jeparit departed Sydney on 3rd voyage.


Nov  66

1Jeparit arrived at Vung Tau.


Dec 66

3Jeparit departed Sydney on 4th voyage.

17Jeparit arrived at Vung Tau.