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9.5 Vocational Assessments

Last amended 
2 August 2017

A vocational assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's:

  • vocational interests;
  • tranferable employment and other skills;
  • previous employment experience;
  • qualifications, including those gained in the ADF; and
  • functional and work capacity.

A vocational assessment can assist:

  • injured workers looking to return to the workforce;
  • people returning to the workforce after a considerable time;
  • employment agencies to determine best fit for placements; and
  • people unsure of their next career move.

The assessment needs to identify and recommend the following considerations that will allow the person to obtain realistic meaningful and sustainable employment:

  • the person's individual vocational goals;
  • their potential future employment options;
  • re-training options, including further education;
  • a labour market analysis of the client's local and regional area;
  • any barriers to the client being able to undertake employment in their chosen field, such as their ability to pas a working with vulnerable people check; and
  • any restrictions or limitations imposed by any medical conditions, not just those which have been accepted as service related, whcih the person is experiencing.