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9.5 Vocational Assessments

Last amended 
31 May 2018

What is a vocational assessment

A vocational assessment is an objective evaluation of an individual's skills, capacity, employment experiences and vocational goals, to inform recommendations about realistic job options. A vocational assessment should include information about:

  • previous employment experience;
  • education history and formal qualifications, including those gained in the ADF;
  • current skills and experiences including volunteering, language and Defence skills;
  • the individual’s functional and work capacity;
  • re-training or further education opportunities, including Recognition of Prior Learning and/or credit transfer;
  • realistic and current employment options in the person’s location;
  • any barriers to the individual being able to undertake employment in their chosen field, such as their ability to pass a working with vulnerable people check; and
  • restrictions or limitations imposed by any medical conditions which the person has.

Information for a vocational assessment should be obtained using the following tools, but not limited to, as necessary and relevant:

A vocational assessment should be undertaken by suitably qualified professional. Where psychometric testing is required, the assessor must be appropriately qualified. For example, in Adelaide only registered psychologists are able to undertake psychometric testing. Suitability qualified professionals for other parts of vocational assessment include Rehabilitation Counsellors or Occupational Therapists.

Further information about assessing transferrable skills is outlined in section 9.5.1 of this policy library.