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6.6.2 Psychosocial rehabilitation case study: Geoff - photography workshop

Last amended 
3 November 2016

Geoff has depression and a knee injury that is causing chronic pain. He lives in the far west of New South Wales. Geoff has regular appointments with his GP in Broken Hill. Geoff and his rehabilitation provider researched photography courses in Broken Hill and found a workshop being run by a local photographer.

The provider says that the photography workshops will have a positive impact on Geoff’s psychosocial health by reducing his isolation and introducing him to new people. Geoff has organised to borrow a camera from a friend.

Can this request be approved?

Criterion: Is the activity or intervention....Example - Photography Workshop
This table outlines the process for deciding whether the activity is reasonable

1. … likely to achieve progress towards an agreed rehabilitation goal?

Geoff’s rehabilitation goals include reducing isolation, dealing with his emotions and learning new skills. The photography workshop will give him a new skill and creative outlet, and provide interaction with other the participants.

2. …likely to be effective?

Photography has been shown to help people with mental health conditions, to organise and process their emotions and communicate their thoughts visually.

3. … appropriate for the client given their medical restrictions?

Geoff has support from his GP to undertake the workshop as it will not affect his knee injury and medical clearance from his psychiatrist.

4. … likely to improve, or at least not impair, their independent functioning?

Geoff researched activities available in Broken Hill and chose the photography course. He also organised to borrow the camera. This shows the photography workshop has already given him motivation to increase his independent functioning.

5. … time-limited rather than a long-term or ongoing activity?

The workshop runs for six weeks.

6. … cost-effective in relation to other equally effective interventions or arrangements?

There are limited courses available in Geoff’s region to compare the workshop with, but the costs are comparable with other regional areas.

7. … in line with community standards and expectations?

Yes, photography is a common activity in the wider community and the cost of the workshop is affordable.

8. … unlikely to compromise the client’s personal safety?

Geoff’s medical providers have indicated that this is a safe activity for him.

9. … in line with the client’s preferences?

Yes, Geoff researched and identified this course as one he would like to do.

10. ... any other relevant matters?

Geoff’s brother is also interested in photography, so there is potential for the activity to strengthen his family relationships.

Outcome: The photography workshop was approved for Geoff.