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10.3.3 Other Considerations when assessing reasonableness

Last amended 
16 November 2016

Other issues that must be addressed when considering requests for aids and appliances to be provided through the rehabilitation provisions include:

  • the availability of the items or services at the time required, especially if the item is required urgently;
  • the length of time the items or services will be required;
  • the cost effectiveness in purchasing the item or service would be determined by considering the:
  • cost of the item or service;
  • impact on future liability; and
  • improvements to the client’s general functioning, work opportunities, community involvement, or psychological wellbeing (e.g. the client has been responsible for mowing his/her own rural block and continuing to accept this responsibility would be of psychological benefit to him/her);
  • alternatives to purchasing such as, leasing or hiring options for costly items or services;
  • the expected duration of the client’s impairment and the likely time the items or services will be required;
  • if the client is a part time Reservist, ADF Cadet, Officer of Cadets or Instructor of Cadets, and their civilian employment or education would be at risk were the aid or appliance not provided;
  • the preferences of the client, for items reasonably required where this supported by the client’s rehabilitation service provider and/or health professional provider;
  • whether provision of the support requested is above the level that would normally be required for the medical condition or level of impairment;
  • the client’s involvement in discussions and development of the request for the service or item; and
  • if the client is still serving, whether they have been identified as “likely to be discharged” or providing the aid or appliance would be likely to increase the length of time that client would serve as a Permanent Forces Member. Further information about this can be found in section 10.8 of this chapter.

Further information about consideration of workplace aids and appliances can be found in section 10.7.4 of the Rehabilitation Policy Library.

Further information about the consideration of aids and appliances and equipment to support or enable a person to participate in psychosocial rehabilitation activities can be found in section 6.7 of the Rehabilitation Policy Library.