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10.2.4 Ordering aids and appliances that are listed on the RAP Schedule

Last amended 
15 September 2014

Where prior approval for an aid or appliance that appears on the RAP schedule is not required, the assessing DVA registered health provider can direct source the item through a DVA contracted supplier by completing the relevant assessment and direct order forms. RAP provider forms are available on the DVA website.

There are DVA contracted suppliers of equipment for RAP for different types of products. Contact details can be located through the DVA website.

In some cases, prior approval is required before the aid or appliance can be provided. This is clearly identified in the  ‘Prior Approval Required’ column of the RAP Schedule.

Prior approval is required for the following reasons:

  • the Department has specified a mandatory prior approval for an item; and/or
  • requests are above the specified financial limits; and/or
  • requests are above the specified quantity limits.

Items that require prior approval include, for example, limb prostheses for occupational or recreational (not everyday) use, battery operated bath lifts and assistive communication devices such as tablet computers and associated applications for speech therapy purposes.

A RAP delegate will need to consider all requests for items that require prior approval. Approved health providers must therefore submit all such requests to a RAP delegate after completing their assessment. If an assessing health provider requires assistance, they may contact the Health Provider enquiries number on 1300 550 457 (metro) or 1800 550 457 (country) and select 1 for RAP.

Further information about the RAP schedule and prior approval processes can be found on the Rehabilitation Appliances Program provider page on the DVA website.