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10.2.3 The RAP Schedule

Last amended 
19 February 2018

The RAP National Schedule of Equipment (the Schedule) underpins the RAP program. Once the functional, home or product assessment has been completed, the assessing provider is required to check whether the recommended aid or appliance is available through the RAP by checking the current RAP Schedule.

Provision of items that do not appear on the Schedule can only considered where there is no item listed on the Schedule that meets the client’s assessed clinical need.

The RAP National Guidelines apply to some aids and appliances listed on the RAP Schedule. This means that additional eligibility criteria must be met before the item can be considered. For example, RAP National Guidelines apply for adjustable electronic beds and wheelchairs. These items are clearly identified in the comments section of the RAP Schedule with the phrase RAP National Guidelines apply. Contact RAP general enquiries on 1300 550 457 (Metro) or 1800 555 457 (Country) for further information. Further information about the Guidelines can be found on page vii of the RAP Schedule.

The direct order forms for each of the items also explain the assessment process.

If the assessing health professional is a registered health provider, then the process for requesting items to which the RAP National Guidelines apply is straightforward. More information about DVA registered health providers can be found in section 10.2.6 of this Guide.

The assessing health provider is required to recommend the most cost effective and clinically appropriate aids and appliances, in quantities that meet clinical need.