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7.2.1 Personally undertaken prior to injury

Household services are normally only provided if those services were personally undertaken by the person prior to their injury or illness.  For example, if a person paid a lawn mowing contractor to do his/her lawns prior to their injury, he or she would not be eligible for supply of lawn mowing services, regardless of their current capacity to mow their lawn.

If a person previously mowed their own standard suburban lawn but moved to a larger 'acreage' property following an injury, funding of lawn mowing services would be restricted to the cost of mowing the reasonable house environs not the entire 'acreage'.

Notwithstanding the above, consideration should be given to the changing nature of a person's individual circumstances.  This could be particularly relevant for former serving members who were housed in military barracks prior to their injury.  In such cases, the delegate should decide whether the task is likely to have been personally performed by the person, were it not for the service injury or disease.