13.2.2 Potential conflict of interest types | Rehabilitation Policy Library, 13 Rights and Obligations, 13.2 Claimant and Delegate responsibilities and conflict of interest

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13.2.2 Potential conflict of interest types

There are several circumstances where processing a claim for compensation could give rise to a real or perceived conflict of interest.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • claims by DVA staff who are also clients or potential clients of DVA (refer to section 13.2.3 in this guide);
  • claims by family members of DVA staff (refer to section 13.2.4 of this guide);
  • claims whereby the claimant is known to DVA staff (refer to section 13.2.5 of this guide); or
  • other possible conflict of interest, actual or apparent (refer to section 13.2.6 of this guide).

Where clients receive a range of services from a rehabilitation service provider, it is important that no conflict of interest arises (refer to section 13.2.7 of this guide).