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10.6.10 Reading an Audiogram


Air conduction levels are represented by 'O' (the right ear) and 'X' (the left ear). Bone conduction levels are indicated by a 'right bracket' (the right ear) and a 'left bracket' (the left ear).

The sound energy range most important for speech is between 1000 to 6000 hertz (Hz). Accordingly, the most emphasis will be placed on this range.

Because noise induced hearing loss is sensory-neural, affecting the inner ear, air conduction and bone conduction levels will be approximately the same for each frequency.

There is no problem with the signals getting to the cochlea, but there are problems in the conversion of these signals in the inner ear. Frequency at 4000 Hz will be affected first, with a gradual deterioration over time affecting lower frequencies.

See the examples at Noise induced or sensori-neural hearing loss and Testing for conductive loss of hearing on the following pages.