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8.3.2 What types of service are there?


In contrast to the SRCA, the VEA distinguishes between several types of military employment.

  • Peacetime service: This is simply a shorthand description of normal service in the ADF, i.e. other than any period of declared operational, peacekeeping or hazardous service
  • Hazardous service (non-warlike service): This involves activities exposing individuals to a greater than normal degree of hazard, and may include mine clearance, weapons destruction, assisted evacuations, military assistance to the civil power etc. 'Hazardous service' only applies to a period or activity when that has been formally declared by the Minister.
  • Peacekeeping service (non-warlike service): This is service outside of Australia as a member of the Australian contingent in a Peacekeeping Force, and once again requires a formal declaration by the Minister.
  • Operational service (warlike service): This is service overseas by a member of the ADF in a time of war, or during war-like operations within a defined operational area. Delegates requiring a more detailed exposition should refer to VEA Ss6A-6F. Note that the Minister must issue a formal Declaration to establish that a particular ADF activity or employment within a particular zone etc. constitutes Operational Service post WW2.