6.12.4 Claims by Family Members of DVA Staff | Military Compensation SRCA Manuals and Resources Library, Liability Handbook, Ch 6 Claims for Compensation, 6.12 Claims with a Potential Conflict of Interest

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6.12.4 Claims by Family Members of DVA Staff


Claims may be received from family members of DVA staff.  All staff should note that they must inform their Assistant Director should such a claim be lodged.  If such a claim is lodged in an office other than that where the DVA staff member works then no further action is required, unless the delegate assigned the claim is known to the claimant.  If this happens the staff member should advise their assistant director of a conflict of interest so that the claim can be re-assigned.

Should the claim be lodged in the same State/Territory office where the staff member works, the staff member must advise his or her Assistant Director, then the manager must make arrangements for the claim to be assessed and determined in an office other than the one in which the staff member works.