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50.3 Incapacity Assessment Checklist

Last amended 
4 March 2016

There are two Incapacity Assessment Checklists. The checklists can be used to guide incapacity delegates on matters to be considered as part of the reviews.  The appropriate checklist must be completed:

  • prior to commencing a new starter;
  • at the 1st General Review;
  • at the Ongoing General Review.


This checklist asks a variety of questions aimed at ensuring the client is entitled to Incapacity, is being paid at the correct rate, has been referred to or assessed for Rehabilitation, has an end date in PMKeyS, and that we have up to date information. With regard to the question about the Review of Compensation Payments, it is not mandatory to send the review form to the client at the first general review if the client is actively engaged with DVA, and the relevant up to date information necessary to complete the review is available on the file.


For instance, during this 12 week time, DVA have sought rank and pay group confirmation from Defence via SAM, correct Commonwealth superannuation entitlement confirmation from Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, employment and education details (if required) have been obtained from the client or via the rehabilitation process.  Dependant details may not be necessary to complete this review.  Delegates are to document answers to the ongoing payee checklist justifying their responses, particularly if they have established there is not a requirement to action one or more of the questions.