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31.9.3 Long-term incapacity - current year of service


The Current year of Service method uses the following calculation:

Reserve Component of NWE = [(PA + EP) x DP] x 6/313

PA =number of parades attended between beginning of the year and day before period of incapacity for work.

EP =number of parades the member would reasonably have been expected to attend for the remainder of the year (as verified by the member's unit) but for the injury and incapacity for work.

DP =average daily rate of pay per day/parade for rank and pay level based on the average number of hours of attendance per parade.


PA = 5 parades

EP = 65 parades (i.e. 70 – 5 parades)

DP = $54


= {(5 + 65) x $54} x 6/313

= $3780 x 6/313

= $72.46

The assessment must not be based solely on the client's assertion. Unit commanders have the responsibility and authority to decide the number of training days and events for which individual members would have been required during the financial year. Advice must therefore be obtained from the Unit commander. Whilst clients may make assertions about possible yearly attendances, but for the injury, this is a management decision taken by the unit commander and not the client.