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31.9.1 Obtaining Reserve service information


Delegates will need to establish a number of relevant facts about the client's service and remuneration before determining NWE. This information is to be sought from ADF sources:

  • the mere assertion by a client that he/she was (e.g.) at a particular rank or pay level is not sufficient in most cases.

Service information can be obtained from DVA SAM through DocTracker. The types of information required include:

  • rank and pay level
  • daily rate of pay per parade for rank and pay level (DP)
  • number of days/parades and average hours per parade attended by the member during the previous 12 months (NP)
  • number of parades attended between beginning of the year and day before period of incapacity for work (PA).
  • number of parades and average hours per parade the member would reasonably have been expected to attend for the remainder of the year but for the injury and incapacity for work (EP).

31.9.1 Daily Reserve rate x 7 (taxable)

This method deems NWE as 7 x the Reservist client's daily rate of Reserve pay
(e.g. 7 x $60 = $420, where the daily rate is $60).

Generally it is used in two situations:

  • where the Reservist client has no civilian earnings
  • where the Reservist client has civilian earnings from part-time employment, but these are so low that NWE would be less than 7 x Reserve rate.

If this deemed rate is used, the salary from civilian employment must be entered as NIL to avoid an over-estimation of NWE.

Note: Where NWE is deemed using the 'daily Reserve rate x 7', all of the weekly compensation payment is taxable.