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31.8.5 Service Allowance is a salary component and is to be included in NWE


The ADF salary structure allows for payment of Service Allowance, in addition to the basic salary, to members of the full-time force (note not part-time reservists) holding certain ranks. Where Service Allowance is payable, it should be incorporated into the member/ex-member's NWE.

The amount of service allowance current at any one time is published in the ADF Pay Scales. Service Allowance is listed in a column within the same table that sets out salary rates. (Other allowances have their own table) For practical purposes, Service Allowance may be regarded as a mere salary component for those ranks to which it applies.

Some ranks not eligible for Service Allowance

According to Defence Determination 0201 covering Service Allowance, members holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Wing Commander or Commander, and above, are not eligible to receive Service Allowance. These members receive a 'consolidated salary (only) which gives full recognition to the responsibilities within the rank...'.

Service Allowance has not been payable for the rank of LTCOL, WGCDR or CMDR and above, since 5 November 1981. Service Allowance remains payable for the rank of Major, Squadron Leader or Lieutenant Commander and below, and should be included in NWE for those ranks.

Important Note

A wide range of other allowances – i.e. other than service allowance – may be payable to an ADF member depending on the circumstances of that member. See 31.11 for discussion of which allowances may be incorporated into NWE (i.e. form a component of 'A' in the NWE formula at 31.2.1).