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31.8.3 Nature and use of the Military Pay Scales


The Military Pay Scales, which are contained in Defence Force Pay and Allowance Accounting Circulars (DEFSAACs), set out the annual and fortnightly salaries applicable to a member's rank and pay level. Also the amount of Service Allowance payable at each salary point is included within the same table i.e. with salary. Incapacity delegates are reminded that when using DEFSAACs the military salary should always be used when establishing NWE.

DEFSAACs also contain – though in a separate table – the current amount of other allowances which may be payable. Delegates may access and print DEFSAACs through the Defence intranet or on the incapacity page of the SRCA/MRCA tools site:

Use of the Military Pay Scales in respect of discharged members requires delegates to first confirm the client's rank and pay level at discharge, i.e. the line on which they sit in the pay scales. This confirmation is obtained through DVA SAM via DocTracker.

Use of the current Military Pay Scales in respect to currently serving members (i.e. with respect to the amount of lost allowances etc.) will require delegates to investigate and confirm which allowances were payable at the time of the injury. Delegates should also establish how long these allowances would have continued had it not been for injury. Again, this information can be sought through DVA SAM via DocTracker.