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31.12.4 Historical - Comparison of NWE (SRCA) with the AWE (1971 Act)


In consideration of the benefits base for the 1988 Act, it was decided that, rather than setting a ceiling for benefits as in the 1971 Act, NWE in the SRCA would form the basis for calculation, i.e. weekly incapacity benefits would be earnings-related for the full duration of the incapacity. This earnings figure is established via Ss8 and 9 of the SRCA, which provide for the calculation of a client's normal weekly earnings before their injury. Under the SRCA, it is therefore necessary to calculate NWE in all cases where incapacity arises.

While the NWE provisions of the SRCA are similar in nature to Average Weekly Earnings calculated under S25 of the 1971 Act, in that there are averaging provisions, there are several differences in the way the calculations are approached. The most relevant difference in the military compensation context is that the period over which earnings are averaged is much shorter (only 2 weeks in some cases). The SRCA has addressed this by providing for a 'relevant period' over which a NWE figure is to be calculated.

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